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The world is over. Fires, cold winters, and a lack of Twinkies have devastated life on earth. This is the case for all human life which was destroyed by the disease which made everybody very, VERY hungry and cannibalistic. Society is destroyed. Except for one society. The society of aristocrats and the scientists permitted inside to provide for them… This society exists in the Bio Dome.

This website was created as a school project. I am not using any of these images professionally and I will not use any of these images for monetary gain. Most of this work is fictional, the exceptions being the pages based on factual science. No people, humans, or zombies were harmed in making this project*

*Except birds because they’d crash into that dome like a Stephen King novel.

This Website will help you learn when to save others, protect yourself, or simply flee from a foe in the zombie apocalypse.

Learn To Save Yourself! With Science!

This website touches on the fact that greenhouse gases and pollution can be detrimental to our atmosphere. To look at the importance of the issue, You must see that if somebody lived on a much smaller planet, one could easily be suffocating without human effort to preserve the environment.

A Look Into The Dangers of Climate Change